Meat thermometers have experienced a technological revolution. Today’s temperature-takers can be wireless, have Bluetooth connectivity, can measure instantly, and can send alarms when the food you’re cooking has reached its ideal temperature. If you do a lot of grilling, roasting, or smoking, a good thermometer is an invaluable tool. It also makes a great gift for any home cook.

Multifunctional Wonder

This product includes two sensors, which read both the temperature of your food and of your cooker oven. MEATER

There are two main types of meat thermometers, though of course there are many variations to each. One kind is called a “leave-in” thermometer. These are ideal for long, slow periods of cooking, like smoking and barbecuing. As the name suggests, these are ideally wireless, and they’re left in the meat as it cooks. Bluetooth connectivity is great for this type of thermometer, as it can send an alert to your phone when it reaches the desired temperature.

Professional Ability

This gadget will tell you— with an error rate of less than one degree—the temperature of your meal within three to five seconds. ThermoPro

An instant read thermometer, on the other hand, is perfect for food that cooks more quickly, like a steak or a roasted chicken breast. Instead of leaving this thermometer in the meat, you simply give it a stab, and it’ll tell you the temperature within a couple of seconds. It’s small, simple to use, and has a magnet so you can keep it on your stove or refrigerator.

Easy to Use

This simple leave-in-the-meal device allows you to monitor the temperature of two items simultaneously. ThermoPro

Leave-in thermometers come in a few different types. Some are connected via a cable to a readout display, which you thread through the closed oven (or grill) door. Increasingly, though, they’re wireless. You can opt for a Bluetooth version, which will send alerts to your phone. Or, if you don’t want to bother with the whole Bluetooth pairing thing, you can get a wireless version that has its own separate display, similar to a baby monitor.