Gift wrapping paper is often an afterthought. We often spend so much time choosing the perfect gift for someone that we can easily neglect to consider how to best present it. However, the fact is that any gift is more meaningful if it comes wrapped in paper that reflects the recipient’s interests. That’s especially relevant when giving a present to a hunter or an angler. Using wrapping paper festooned with illustrations of pink confetti and red and green party balloons significantly lessens the impact of a hunting- or fishing-themed gift.

That said, even if your gift isn’t hunting- or fishing-fishing related, wrapping it in paper that reflects that person’s passion is a thoughtful gesture. It’s a gift in and of itself. Here’s how to choose the right wrapping paper for a hunter or angler.

The Old-School Outdoorsman

Buffalo plaid wrapping paper is ideal for wrapping a gift for a traditional outdoorsperson. Amazon

If the gift recipient is from the northern half of the country and hunts with a rifle or shotgun, wrapping paper that reflects both the fall temperatures and a traditional approach is perfect. Think fall woodland, warm wool clothing, wood fires, snow-covered fields.

The Camo Connoisseur

Conceal the gift and bring a smile to the face of that hunter, with camouflage wrapping paper. Amazon

If you’re giving a gift to someone who wears camouflage clothing when they hunt—a bowhunter, a turkey hunter, and/or a waterfowl hunter—wrapping it in camouflage-patterned paper makes that gift even more unique.

The Deer Hunter

Rack up points with a deer hunter by wrapping a present in wall hanger-themed tissue paper. Amazon

Does your gift recipient spend scores of days every year in a tree stand, waiting for the biggest buck in the woods to finally walk by? Wrap that gift in paper that celebrates big antlers.

The Angler

Make that fishing gift a keeper by putting it in a fishing-lure-themed gift bag. Amazon

Fish, fishing rods, people fishing—shopping for an angler is easy. However, if you’re going to give that angler a selection of fishing lures, why not put them all into a bag decorated with fishing lures?