Popup Blinds Hide You From Wary Gobblers

Stay hidden anywhere with the latest new portable turkey hunting blinds.

If you have hunted wild turkeys at all, you know what crazy-sharp eyes they have. Any small movement can put a tom on high alert. Portable blinds revolutionized turkey hunting. They keep you hidden and let you hide anywhere, including out in the middle of an open field if that’s where the birds want to be. Hunting from a blind lets you draw a bow undetected, or introduce new hunters to the sport. They’re perfect for taking fidget-prone kids to the turkey woods, too. Hub-style blinds that set up in a few minutes dominate the category. They’re easy to pop up and compact enough to carry. Here are some blinds to think about for this year.

Quick Set-Up

It has solid window closures and shoot through mesh windows, and it’s tough enough to leave set up in the woods for several days. Rhino Blinds


Adjust your windows carefully. Turkeys can see you if they are able to look in one window and spot you silhouetted in front of another open window. Make sure you have a solid backdrop.

Two Mesh Walls

You can spot game and stay hidden. Mesh in front provides visibility, while solid walls behind you don’t give you away to game. Weighing just 16 pounds, it’s easy to pack in as far as you have to go. Rhino Blinds


Save your camo clothes for days you sit against a tree. The best “camo” for hunting in a blind is an all-black outfit. You will still want to cover your face and hands, to make it harder for turkeys to spot your movements if they are close.

One-Way View

The first model to use one-way mesh walls, this popup lets you see out but doesn’t let game see in. With a 25 square foot footprint and 70 inch height, it gives you lots of room to draw a bow or bring others along. Primos


Turkeys don’t need time to get used to a blind the way deer do. If you can set it up quietly, you can put it up and hunt out of it on the same day. If possible, though, set a blind up and stake it down the day before a hunt so you can get into it in the morning with a minimum of noise.