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Flea and tick collars have improved tremendously over the years, with numerous types on the market that do an excellent job of preventing fleas and ticks from infesting your dog. They also are simple to use—you put the collar on the dog’s neck and trim off any excess. That’s it. Many dog owners like the convenience of collars compared to topical ointments, which must be applied to the dog regularly, and can be messy to use.

But not all flea and tick collars work the same way, and some have specific features that may make them a better choice for some dog owners. Here’s a rundown of three types from which to choose, and the situation they’re well suited for:

Top Pick

This product kills parasites upon contact. Bayer Animal Health

If your dog sleeps in your living quarters and spends a lot of time in places where ticks are prevalent (such as areas with high deer numbers, or in tall grasses), or comes into contact with other dogs that may have fleas (such as at dog parks or boarding services), a collar that kills those pests when they come into contact with your dog–compared to one that repels fleas and ticks, in which they may get on your dog before getting off—is a good choice. These are impregnated with chemicals that are absorbed by the dog’s skin and are emitted by the dog’s oil glands. Because they kill fleas and ticks on contact, these collars prevent healthy, live ticks and fleas from coming into your house, and then possibly being scratched off by the dog, exposing you to the parasites.


This choice remains 100 percent effective after bathing or playing in the rain. SOBAKEN

If you want to avoid using chemically impregnated collars, or if your dog is or seems prone to skin irritations, look for a collar that uses natural ingredients to prevent fleas and ticks from getting on your dog. Such hypoallergenic collars use plant-based derivatives that are natural insect repellents and are designed to be comfortable for dogs to wear.caption:

Great Value

This item also kills mosquitoes. Rolf Club 3D

As a responsible pet owner, you probably have your dog on medication that prevents heartworms. Mosquitoes carry the larva of the deadly internal parasites, so if you want to augment the dog’s heartworm treatment—or if you live in an area with many mosquitoes, and simply want to make your dog more comfortable—look for a collar that will ward off mosquitoes as well as ticks and fleas.