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Restaurants have used sous vide cookers for years, and now they’re available to home cooks. Seal your food in a plastic bag, immerse it in water, and the machine heats and circulates the water to a precise temperature. Accurate to one degree or less, sous vide machines allow you to cook food exactly to your liking. Sous vide is an excellent method for cooking wild game, since overcooking is what gives venison and waterfowl an objectionable liver taste. But sous vide cookers aren’t just for game. They are perfect for steaks, chops, eggs, vegetables, and even slow-cooking cuts like brisket and ribs.

Turnkey Deal

It comes with all the equipment you need to make a meal. SOUSVIDE ART

Sous vide” means “under vacuum” in French, and you’ll need to seal food in bags or jars before cooking. If your cooker doesn’t include vacuum bags and a pump, you can use an ordinary vacuum sealer. You also can get good results with reusable, sealable plastic bags and a pump that removes the air inside.

No-Frills Value

A one-hand clamp makes setup easy on any pot you already own. Wancle

Simplicity is one of sous vide cooking’s biggest appeals. You get professional quality results with minimal effort. If you’re fine setting the time and temperature on the machine’s control panel, find a sous vide machine that’s not Bluetooth-enabled and you’ll save some money.

Space Saver

It’s small and stores easily in a kitchen drawer, but is plenty powerful. Anova

If you like the convenience of running the cooker from an app on your phone that also gives you access to hundreds of sous vide recipes, choose a Bluetooth-enabled machine. You can set short cook times for eggs, do steaks in a few hours, or tenderize ribs overnight and throughout the next day. Set the time, start the machine, and forget about it. Your phone will send you a notification when cooking time is done.