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Some people change broadheads out of frustration. I do it for fun—partly because I’m a gear junkie and I like to compare brands, but also because broadheads are just awesome. Period. To me, there’s nothing like a new crop of shiny, razor-sharp arrow points, and this year’s lineup doesn’t disappoint. For 2021, there are quieter fixed-blades, more reliable mechanicals, and innovative hybrids. Frustrating plastic collars have been deemed obsolete, old reliables have been updated, and there seems to be a special emphasis on blade-angle design to boost penetration. Whatever your needs, you’ll find what you’re after with one of the 10 new heads below.

1. Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC

The Rage Hypodermic Trypcan NC broadhead
The new Trypcan NC, for No Collar, cost $40 for three. Rage Broadheads

Rage’s 2-inch-cut Trypan has been a go-to for many bowhunters. The .039-inch-thick blades are sharp, durable, and when paired with the needle-point Hybrid Tip on the titanium ferrule, they make for a tough and deadly head. The only problem? The Trypan-specific Shock Collar. While this device held blades in flight, it often let a blade or two slip while in the quiver or during the arrow-loading process. For 2021, Rage remedies the problem by adding No Collar technology to the new Trypan. Now bowhunters can reap all the benefits of this great mechanical and never have to worry about collar failure. The Hypodermic Trypan NC also comes in a crossbow-specific model.

2. G5 Montec M3

The G5 Montec Broadhead
On update on a classic, the Montec M3 starts at $44.95 for three. G5 Outdoors

The third version of a now-legendary fixed-blade, G5′s all-new Montec M3 is said by the manufacturer to be stronger, sharper, and quieter than previous Montec designs. How? The broadhead’s single-piece design (with no vented blades or open spaces) boosts durability and removes the whistle factor often associated with vented-blade designs. Constructed from 100-percent stainless-steel, with a Rockwell rating higher than that of its predecessors, this bone-buster is worth an offseason test drive. The M3 is offered in 100- and 125-grain options, and a crossbow version is available for those who tote a horizontal bow.

3. SEVR Titanium 2.0

The SEVR Titanium broadhead
SEVR’s new Titanium 2.0 retails for $14 each. SEVR Broadheads

As good as SEVR’s Ti 2.1 mechanical was, all signs point to something even better in 2021. The new Ti 2.0. has a more swept-back blade angle that slightly reduces overall cutting diameter but, according to the company, results in up to 15 percent more penetration. Pass-throughs mean better blood trails, and the deeper an arrow cuts, the more damage it does. The Ti 2.0 also has patented rear-deploy locking-pivoting blades and Stretch Cut for reliable operation and large wound channels. Plus, Practice Mode is back, which means the addition of a small, included set screw into the ferrule allows bowhunters to practice with the exact head they plan to hunt with. All Ti 2.1 ferrules accept new Ti 2.0 replacement blades.

4. New Archery Products DK4

The New Archery Products DK4 broadhead.
NAP’s new hybrid head costs $40 for three. New Archery Products

Hybrid heads have received plenty of praise in recent years, and rightly so. The fixed blades guarantee damage while the mechanical ones open for even more. NAP’s new DK4 has 1¾-inch-diameter main blades and 1-1/8-inch-diameter front-deploying mechanical blades. The mechanical blades are held in place during launch by Spitfire Spring Clip technology, and upon impact, pivot in the ferrule to allow each blade to swing around bone and push deeper into flesh. The new-for-2021 DK4 is available in 100- and 125-grain options, and requires no O-rings, springs or collars.

5. Precision Titanium X Large Game

The Precision Titanium Xlarge broadhead.
This new hard-hitting fixed-blade costs $50 for three. Precision Broadheads

Chiseled from titanium, Precision’s new showstopper is its X Large Game head. Crafted with a one-piece ferrule and fitted with a trio of surgical-sharp .031-inch-thick blades, this fixed head was specifically engineered to pound through thick bone and hide. The four-edged tip has a diameter larger than that of the ferrule. Precision’s thinking: The tip will create a widened, friction-free path for the arrow to track behind. The stainless-steel blades are replaceable and slide effortlessly into slots carved in the ferrule. Total cutting diameter is 1-3/16 inches, and each package of heads comes with a duo of different-sized locking collars, which allows bowhunters the ability to thread the X Large Game into larger-diameter crossbow bolts as well as standard-sized vertical bow shafts.

6. TenPoint EVO-X Montec

The Tenpoint EVO-X Montec broadhead.
The EVO-X Montec costs $40 for three. TenPoint Crossbows

Made for TenPoint by G5, the EVO-X is sure to create some head turns by those that go afield with a horizontal bow. The EVO-X sports a compact, durable one-piece build. The blade is 100 percent steel, and the trio of blades combine to give this big-game downer a 1-1/8-inch cutting diameter. Each broadhead is 100 percent spin tested, which ensures ideal broadhead-to-shaft alignment.

7. Wasp Mortem

The fixed-blade Morten broadhead.
The fixed-blade Morten is a bargain at $33 for three. Wasp Archery

The fixed-blade Mortem has a one-piece, stainless-steel ferrule that gives way to a hardened trocar tip. Blades, in typical Wasp fashion, are sharp and provide the bowhunter an overall cutting diameter of 1-1/8 inches. Wasp says that the Mortem achieves an ideal combination of accuracy, strength, and durability. What I know is that the company has a great reputation for producing highly effective broadheads at a can’t-beat price, and these are no exception.

8. KuduPoint Contour +Plus

The KUDU Point broadheads
The new Contour +Plus heads run $52-$55 for three. KuduPoint Broadheads

A new member to KuduPoint’s innovative broadhead line, the Contour +Plus showcases all the features that made the original Contour such a hit, along with some new-for-2021 hat tippers. A hardened, stainless-steel collar with bleeder blades has been added to the modified ferrule to create more damage as the head passes through flesh and organs. The bleeder blades are replaceable, and the head is offered in 100-, 125- and 150-grain models for standard 8-32 shanks, and 100- and 125-grain heads are available for those that sling Easton Deep Six shafts. Each KuduPoint Broadhead is crafted in the USA, and the manufacturer offer each box with a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship.

9. Veteran Innovative Combat Veteran

The Veteran Innovative Combat Veteran broadhead
The new Combat Veteran hybrid head costs $50 for three. Veteran Innovative Products

A new hybrid head raising plenty of eyebrows is Veteran’s Combat Veteran. The big story with this half-mechanical/half-fixed killer is Veteran’s Momentum Management Technology, which is said to boost accuracy and overall penetration. The cutting diameter is 1.25 x 2 inches, which will create no-joke blood trails.

10. Iron Will Single Bevel

The Iron Will Single Bevel broadhead.
These heads come with a lifetime warranty for $99.95 per three. Iron Will Broadheads

Engineered to maintain the arrow’s rotational spin through impact, Iron Will’s new-for-2021 Single Bevel was designed to create more internal damage. The optional bleeder blade assists in rotation and does more of the same once it hits home. The A2 Tool Steel blades are wicked sharp, and the ferrule design was created to maintain momentum, resulting in more pass-throughs on big-game critters. Iron Will stands behind each head they make with their lifetime warranty. The Iron Will Single Bevel is offered in 125-, 150-, 170-, 175-, 200-, and 225-grain versions. Custom engraving is also an option.