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No one wants to wait for their first cup of morning coffee, especially when you’re camping. When it’s your job to dish out the camp coffee, you’ll want a coffee pot big enough to handle all the morning cups that need filling, and tough enough to make it down the trail. There are a lot of options and a variety of brewing styles.Caption: This model has double-walls to keep coffee hot.

This model has double-walls to keep coffee hot. Mueller Austria

A French press coffee maker is the easiest way to make cafe-quality joe while camping. They don’t require electricity or batteries; just coffee and clean water. The difference between a good and bad French press boils down to the quality of the plunger. When you’re pressing down on the knob, few, if any, coffee grounds should make it past the screen and gasket. If the screen holes are too large or the seal around the perimeter isn’t tight, the end product can be gritty.

This product is dishwasher safe. Farberware

A coffee percolator is a traditional way to prepare camp coffee. A filter basket inside holds the coffee grounds on a long, narrow, hollow stem at the top of the kettle. As the water boils, it shoots up the stem and into the grounds, then seeps through the ports and back into circulation with the rest of the water. A glass or plastic knob on the lid lets you see how dark or light your coffee is so you can pull it when it’s to your liking. Just be sure to protect the plastic handles from melting heat.

This product is available in seven colors. Secura

Don’t underestimate how much java campers will want in the morning. No one wants to leave a warm inviting fire on a frosty morning, so consider opting for a coffee maker that holds as many as 50 ounces of the good stuff, and is also well-insulated so your beverage remains warm even after you pull it away from the fire or stove.