Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Double Sleeping Bag

Double bags are warm and comfortable whether you’re sleeping alone or with someone else.

A double sleeping bag is a great solution for those times when you want extra room to snooze or sleep next to someone else. Oversized sleepers come with draft tubes, high-quality zippers, lofty insulation, and are lined with materials that feel great against the skin and breathe well in warmer climes. Here are three things to consider when choosing a double sleeping bag.

This product is great for nighttime temperatures of 50 degrees and up. Sleepingo

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One of the primary advantages of a double sleeping bag is its comfort, and bag makers go to great lengths to tout the materials they use for the sleeping bag’s liner. Pay close attention to the liner fabric. Some have a cotton blend, while others are all polyester. Many come with a flannel knap for increased comfort and some bag makers even tout the thread count of the inner linings—the higher the count, the better the quality.

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One of the main reasons you might experience a cold night’s sleep is because chilly air is sneaking into your sleeping bag along the zipper and the opening. Draft tubes are insulation-filled flaps that fold over zippers and openings from the inside of the bag to block those cold air drifts.

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Many double sleeping bags will zip all the way open so you can use them as massive comforters. Others can separate in half and convert to two single sleeping bags.