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A great rifle sling works when you hardly know it’s there. It takes the load off carrying a rifle for mile after mile, keeping your arm and shoulder muscles fresh for when it’s time to take a shot. But it also does a lot more, like help you lock your arm into position for a solid shooting stance, and smooth out your movements as you shift from a carrying to a shooting position with minimal chance of snagging on other gear. When looking for a rifle sling, think about how much you walk with your rifle, and whether or not you’ll use the sling to help support the rifle in standing and kneeling positions. And then think about these three other factors when choosing a rifle sling.

This carrying strap has a thick cushion at the shoulder for comfort. VTAC

Adjustability is king when it comes to selecting a rifle sling. You’ll want to be able to use the sling whether you’re out in short-sleeve weather or bundled up in layers of fleece, and it’s handy to be able to tighten or loosen a sling in a variety of carrying conditions and styles. The best rifle slings adjust at both ends, and it is designed to let you make the adjustments with one hand, all the better.

The oversized connectors on this product make it easy to attach. CVLIFE

A sling’s convenience can’t come at the expense of comfort. Thin, narrow slings might be lightweight and unobtrusive, but they will dig into your neck over the long haul. There’s nothing wrong with a lightly padded sling, just make sure there’s enough cushioning material to suit the way you like to carry your rifle. Slings with a little stretch have enough give to make them super comfortable to carry mile after mile.

This product comes with quick-release attachments and mounts. EZshoot

Slings typically attach to a rifle via sling swivels, and there are varying designs for different types of rifles. Make sure you buy a sling that matches the mounting system on your rifle or be prepared to add after-market mounting studs or swivels.