Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Two-person Tent

Two-person tents are small, lightweight, and ideal for quick adventures.

two-person tent
Even if you plan to camp alone, a two-person tent will provide you with extra space for anything you’re bringing along.Patrick Hendry

A two-person tent is easy to set up and transport, and there are models with great options and comfort features in every price range. Just keep in mind you and whoever you’re camping with will be limited to the amount of personal space you’ll have inside. When you’re ready to hit the road, here are three things to consider when choosing a two-person tent.

Coleman Sundome Tent
This shelter withstands 35 miles per hour winds.Coleman

A solid two-person tent will have enough floor space for two sleeping pads and bags with a bit left over for gear, but there are design elements that will help keep your gear bags and personal items close at hand. Look for tents with exterior vestibules where you can stash bags, boots, and other gear outside but under cover of the rainfly, and pre-bent tent poles can keep tent walls vertical for more interior room.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup
If you’re the kind of folks who pack everything but the kitchen sink, a larger tent like this one will provide all the room you need.Coleman

There are good rain flys, and there are not-so-good rain flys that let water weep, seep, drip, and drain inside the tent. The best choice is a full-cover rain fly that reaches almost to the ground all the way around the tent. But bathtub floors and large overhangs over tent windows and screens will go a long way towards ensuring a dry night in the rain.

KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent Durable Waterproof
This shelter has an integrated front doormat to keep the inside clean.KAZOO

For all-night comfort, ventilation in a tent can be as important as waterproofness. The more mesh in the tent body’s walls and roof, the better the shelter will breathe through the night. Other tent designs to look for are small, peaked windows in the tent fly that will keep heat from building up inside, and options for zipping open tent walls or large panels of the rainfly to open the roof up to the stars.