When someone wants to go duck hunting, there’s likely nothing that can get in their way, unless it’s damaged gear. If you know a duck or goose hunter you want to keep on the water or in the field, the key is keeping them equipped with the best tools to get the job done. No, that doesn’t mean gifting someone a necktie with ducks on it or a new pair of house shoes. If you’re shopping for a gift for a duck-hunting addict, you won’t go wrong starting with these three ideas.

Neck Gaiter


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In extremely cold weather—a condition that often goes hand in hand with duck hunting—there are few better pieces of equipment than a neck gaiter. Hunters who have never worn one don’t know what they’re missing. And hunters who have try to never leave home without it when the weather turns bad. A good neck gaiter will not only keep someone’s neck warm, but it will also keep cold wind from blowing down the front of their jacket. Additionally, someone can pull it up over their face to keep the back of their head and lower part of their face warm. Since duck’s have keen eyesight, make sure to pick one that is camouflaged.



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If you know an avid duck hunter, their waders are probably about worn out. And if they’re not, they likely will be soon. There are just too many ways to gouge, puncture, and slice waders for them to last several seasons. For a duck-hunter, be sure to choose waders that have the foot built in, instead of the kind that have to slip shoes over the feet. And while camouflage isn’t an absolute necessity, most duck hunters prefer their waders to be camouflaged like most of the rest of their equipment. Lastly, make sure you pick a pair with adequate insulation for the coldest days.

Gun Cleaning Kit


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If you don’t know much about duck hunting, know this: gear gets very dirty. There’s little wonder why, since duck hunting is done around water and mud, and sometimes during all kinds of nasty weather conditions. Since you might just inherit someone’s shotgun someday, why not give a gift with the means to keep it clean and in tip-top shape. If it will also clean other types of guns like rifles and handguns, so much the better!