The ability to work on cars and make them run better is becoming somewhat of a lost art. It’s just so convenient to run down to the mechanic shop, fork over an insane amount of money, and drive back home in your now good-running vehicle. Yet there are still those men and women who love working on their own cars, and they do it quite well. When shopping for folks with an automotive talent and interest, you won’t go wrong with these three gift ideas.

Top Pick

The foundation of this one can extend the head up to 7 feet. Dewalt

You can’t fix it if you can’t see it. That old phrase, used for a number of activities, is just as accurate when working on vehicles as with any other activity. If an amateur mechanic can’t see bolts, nuts, wires, etc., he won’t be able to fix whatever is wrong with his vehicle. A good work light can change all that. Work lights range from small, old-fashioned hang-on “trouble lights” with incandescent bulbs in plastic metal cages all the way up to extravagant lights with fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and light stands. For working on cars, small work lights with bright LEDs bulbs are preferred by many. But for those wanting to light up a bigger space, ultrabright Halogen lights often get the nod.

Great Value

This product features a ratchet, sockets, screwdrivers, wrenches and multiple other useful things. Dewalt

Tools are as necessary to a mechanic as jelly is to a peanut butter sandwich—one just won’t work without the other. The wide range of tools that are useful to mechanics could go on for pages and would include wrenches, socket, ratchets, breakover handles, pliers, screwdrivers, multimeters, jacks, torque wrenches—you get the idea. Fortunately for the gift buyer, many tool manufacturers offer toolsets that feature a combination of different tools assembled together for specific applications. Look for one that fits your budget and the needs of your mechanic friend or family member, and you’ve found a gift that will be appreciated for years.

Easy to Read

This item offers high-tech readings when you have car lighting problems. AstroAI

Few aspects of car ownership are quite as frustrating as when you have lighting problems. That’s because it’s hard to know if it is a bulb causing your problem, a blown fuse, wiring problems or a few other scenarios that could have your light malfunctioning. The best starting place to find out is a good multimeter. Face it, if your mechanic friend doesn’t know if he’s even getting any electricity to the bulb, figuring out how to fix the problem is much harder than if he has that simple bit of information. In choosing a multimeter, the main consideration will be whether to go with a digital one or analog meter. Analog meters show real-time changes in voltage and current, but digital ones are easier to read.