Three Great Gifts for Ground Blind Hunters

If you or someone you know enjoys hunting on the ground, here are three great gift ideas they’d be happy to receive.

Dad and son hunting
Spending a morning or afternoon in a ground blind is a great way to spend time with family or friends.ALPS OutdoorZ

Ground blinds keep hunters from being seen by game animals like deer and turkey without those hunters having to climb into a tree to stay hidden. They also provide shelter when hunting, giving anyone inside plenty of shelter at times when tree stand hunters might be getting soaked and frozen. If you’re shopping for someone who likes hunting from ground blinds, you won’t go wrong with these three gift ideas.

Ground Blind

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind
This ground blind is big enough to comfortably accommodate two hunters and features shoot-through mesh windows.Ameristep

Of course, the best gift for anyone who likes to hunt from ground blinds is—duh—a ground blind! Serious hunters can’t have too many ground blinds, since they can leave some set up in prime locations while keeping another blind or two handy for run-and-gun type hunting. Ground blinds come in two basic types—hub-style blinds and pop-up blinds. Hub blinds are typically a little heavy, but also are generally somewhat sturdier. Pop-up blinds are lighter and easier to set up and take down, but aren’t quite as sturdy in high winds or when covered with snow. They’re great, however, for turkey hunters who want to hunt a location, pack up, and quickly go to another spot.

Stakeout Blind Material

Ameristep Throwdown Run-N-Gun Blind
This stakeout adjustable ground blind is great for run-and-gun hunters like those chasing spring gobblers.Ameristep

Blind material that can be quickly set up and taken down is great for hunting both deer and turkey. With such material and a couple of sticks, anyone can quickly rig a makeshift blind, then take it down quickly to move to another location. The time saved compared to erecting and taking down a ground blind could mean the difference between someone getting a big gobbler or going home empty-handed. Using stakeout ground blind material doesn’t provide as much coverage or weather protection as a real blind, but when on the go, such material is much better than using a regular blind.

Blind Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter Blind Chair
This ground blind chair features a wide backrest and 360-degree swivel seat for maximum comfort.ALPS OutdoorZ

If you’re venturing into a ground blind, you or your cohorts better bring something to sit on. Many blinds have windows placed at odd heights and are not tall enough to stand up to shoot a bow out of. Make sure the blind chair you choose to gift is lightweight so it’s easy to pack it along with wherever someone chooses. It should also be sturdy enough to hold big bodies and the weight of their equipment. Lastly, a swiveling seat is helpful since sometimes you just don’t know which direction you might need to shoot.