Take a pile of charcoals, let it burn down to a silvery gray, then pop some well-seasoned T-bone steaks on a grate over the coals and cook them to medium rare or medium, and you’ve just created one of life’s finer dinner entrees. Throw a few mushrooms on the grill with those steaks, and dinner will be even better. The fact is, many Americans love to grill, whether with charcoal, propane, or wood smoke. So when shopping for a gift for that person in your family who loves to cook outside, you won’t go wrong with these three ideas.

Meat Thermometer

This simple meat thermometer will help ensure steaks and chops are cooked to perfection every time. Habor

While cut selection, seasoning and proper heat of the coals are important to the finished grilling product, the biggest key to making the perfect grilled meat is knowing exactly when it reaches the proper internal temperature. A good meat thermometer can help your grilling family member know that every time. Meat thermometers come in a variety of styles in a wide range of prices, but they all have one thing in common—your grilling friend or family member needs one! Whether a fancy Bluetooth-equipped thermometer that can be monitored from many feet away or a simple handheld, any grill lover would likely appreciate a new meat thermometer.

Grill Brush

This 48-pack of BBQ grill brush inserts and scraper will help your grill master keep the grill extra clean. Bulk Buys

With all the enjoyable things about grilling, keeping the grill clean after each use is one of the few unenjoyable aspects of being a master griller. In fact, cleaning a grill after cooking juicy meat with a lot of marinade can be quite a task. Fortunately, many products are made to help make this job easier. Grill brushes come in many different forms, from very simple one-piece units, to those that mount in an electric screwdriver and spin very quickly to scrub the grill surface. In between those extremes are a variety of brushes that have replaceable heads or brush sections so your BBQ lover can start off with a shiny new grill top before every grilling session.

Travel Grill

This easily transportable propane grill has up to 20,000 BTUs of cooking power and 285 square inches of cooking area. Coleman

Since the outdoor chefs in your family already love grilling, it’s likely that they have a grill they are quite familiar with and enjoy using. But since that stays on the patio and isn’t easily transportable, a travel grill would be a nice addition to anyone’s cooking arsenal. Travel grills range from simple hibachis that set on a tabletop and use charcoal to extravagant propane models that can cook a lot of meat at one time. There are even single-use travel grills that consist of a foil pan that charcoal goes in with a grill top that goes over it for cooking. All have a few things in common—they are easily relocate and, in the hands of a grill master, they’ll cook some fabulous grilled meats.