Three Great Gifts for Sharpening Dull Knives

A dull knife is about as useless a tool as you can get, so if you know someone that needs to put a better edge on their favorite blade, here are three great gift ideas for any time of the year.

An electric sharpener is a great solution if someone doesn’t know how to properly use sharpening stones to hone a blade.
An electric sharpener is a great solution if someone doesn’t know how to properly use sharpening stones to hone a blade. Chef’s Choice

While it might not be common knowledge, a dull knife is more likely to cut its user than a sharp one, since the fact that it is dull often forces the person doing the cutting or slicing to do so in an unsafe manner. If you’re shopping for a someone who hates a dull knife, you won’t go wrong with these three gift ideas.

Electric Knife Sharpener

This professional electric knife sharpener works on both straight and serrated blades. Chef’s Choice

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Electric knife sharpeners are among the easiest kinds of sharpeners to use and among the most effective at putting a good edge on a knife blade. Most require less strength than manual sharpeners, which can be important for older or disabled users. The best electric knife sharpeners are able to sharpen both straight and serrated blades, and have several sharpening stages. Most have one or two stages with diamond abrasives to begin sharpening and honing the edge, then a final stage that polishes the sharpened blade. But some people don’t like electric knife sharpeners, choosing instead to sharpen knives by hand. That’s where the next two ideas come into play.

Manual Sharpener

This two-stage manual sharpener is made for use on a table or countertop. KitcheIQ

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For folks who really know how to use them and don’t mind taking their time to sharpen a knife, manual sharpeners can put a near perfect edge on just about any piece of cutlery. The angle of the blade when sharpening on a manual sharpener is an important factor. For pocket knives and most hunting knives, an angle of 25 to 30 degrees is best. Like electric sharpeners, many manual sharpeners have two or more stages.

Handheld Sharpener

This handheld sharpener has a coarse stage that replaces dull edges and a fine stage for honing and polishing. Global

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Handheld portable knife sharpeners are extra handy for chores that you run into when out in the field. Putting a new edge on your knife occasionally can make a big difference in how quickly, and how well, you get certain jobs done. The same can be said for butchering chores. If a knife gets dull and the job becomes more laborious, someone can whip out a handheld sharpener, put on a new edge and get back to the task at hand. The best handheld sharpeners, despite their small size, have two different stages—the first is a coarse stage that replaces the dull edge, the second is a fine stage for honing and polishing.