Those who don’t appreciate a nice, warm wood fire burning on the earth will point to things like expense, mess and additional work as why they don’t think a fire is worth the effort. But those reasons don’t mean a thing to people who love a real wood fire in the fireplace, regardless of the work and cost involved. When shopping for a gift for a friend or family member who loves building a fire in the fireplace, you won’t go wrong with one of these ideas.

Good for Charcoal

This model is made for burning logs, both large and small. Amagabeli Garden & Home

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A log grate is one of the most important parts of any fireplace as it holds the logs up off the ground and lets air circulate underneath. Without air circulating, it’s hard to get a good fire going. The grate also allows ash and coals to fall through, and keeps the burning wood away from them. But when you shop, there are a few different kinds that you’ll need to consider. Cast iron grates are designed to be more suitable for charcoal burning. They can be used for wood and logs, but not very heavy fuel. Steel bar grates, however, are only suitable for burning wood, as the gaps between the bars are too big to hold coal, which would fall through.

Packed with Essentials

The set includes everything you need to keep the area tidy. Amagabeli Garden & Home

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A variety of fireplace tools make good gifts for those who like to burn a fire in their living room or den fireplace. One tool that is very helpful is the fireplace poker. Also known as the stoker, the fireplace poker is a short, iron, fireproof rod that homeowners use to hook, rake, and push burning materials in their fireplace. The handle is often insulated to prevent users from burning their hands. The spade (shovel) is also an essential tool for tending fireplace flames. Tongs, when used with the poker and spade, are helpful for handling all manners of hot materials without getting burned. Lastly, a broom is handy for sweeping up the ash when cleaning the fireplace.

Meticulously Crafted

These are hand-painted to look just like real wood. Peterson Real Fyre

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For those who have given up on having a fire because of the hassle, mess and expense, that’s OK. They can still enjoy a fire, albeit provided by gas. Free-standing gas logs can be placed in most fireplaces in place of wood and provide a warmth and beauty of their own. They cause no mess, are simple to turn on and off (some have a remote control), and never pop sparks out onto the carpet. One main consideration when choosing a gas log set is the width, as some fireplaces are narrower than others. A log set that is too narrow will still work fine. But one that doesn’t leave the necessary clearance on the ends can be frustrating and even dangerous.