Feeding birds at home is one of the simplest ways to observe wild nature right out your backdoor. With the correct approach, a commercial or even homemade feeder can attract songbirds, ground-feeding, and perching birds all year-round. Birdfeeders bring song, color, and life to any landscape, and even a single, well-stocked feeder can become the focus of a lifelong birding hobby. Here are a few tips that will help attract the widest array of birds for the entire family to enjoy.

Seed Variety

Birdseed isn’t just birdseed, so be sure to pick a blend tailored for the species in your region. Lyric

Not all bird feeds are the same. Some are blended for certain species or categories of birds, while others are specifically designed to attract the biggest variety. To get started, choose a broad-spectrum blend and experiment with both the mix and the feeder location to determine what works best in your neck of the woods. Black-oil sunflower is a near universal ingredient, and it also works well on its own to attract most species of birds.

Multiple Feeders

The more places birds have to eat, the more birds species you’ll likely see. Wagner’s

Why have only one feeder when you can have several? Maintaining multiple feeders increases the odds that you will be placing supplemental nutrition in an area that is favorable to attracting an array of feathered guests. They will also give you the option to test different seed blends and brands simultaneously. Just bear in mind that feeders can become breeding grounds for mildew, mold, and other unhealthy agents, so only put out as many feeders as you can keep clean and properly stocked.

Water Source

Remember to change the water in your birdbaths often to avoid algae buildup. Wagner’s

Food is not the only ingredient that makes a backyard landscape attractive to birds. Water is just as important. A simple birdbath provides all the hydration necessary to keep your fine-feathered friends returning day after day. Make sure to change the water often to prevent the build-up of algae, especially in warm weather.