After you stash a folding outdoor table in your truck or camper, you’ll never leave home without it. No more fiddling with the camp stove as it wiggles on a rock. No more messing with a lantern trying to balance it on a log. Even the most civilized tasks go smoother on a great outdoor table—kids doing homework around the campfire, a S’mores buffet, even cleaning all those fish for dinner. Folding tables can be big enough to skin a deer on, or small enough to simply hold a book and a glass of wine. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Superior Strength

Can hold up to 350 pounds. Lifetime

It’s one thing to set a folding table for a campsite dinner. You won’t need a beefy build for that. If you’ll use the table as a makeshift workbench, however, or for heavy-duty tasks like processing big game or working on outboard motors, look for strong powder-coated steel frames and a tough high-density polyethylene top that can take a pounding but still turn away stains. And check for secure locking mechanisms on legs. While a folding table is convenient, hard users will definitely need a strong lock-up on the legs.


At a little over 25 pounds, this one is easy to carry at family barbecues. CoscoProducts

Many outdoor tables are one-height-fits all, there’s no way to adjust them up or down for users of differing sizes. But some of the better models allow you to adjust and lock the legs in various positions. A 24-inch height is perfect as a child table. A 29-inch table is a better fit for adults who will be eating around the table. And for food preparation and crafts, a countertop height of 36 inches makes for more efficient work.

Multifunctional and Convenient

This all-weather table won’t split, chip, or rot. Camco

You won’t always need a full-size dining room table. For hanging out at the beach or backyard, a small side table keeps drinks close at hand, yummy hot dogs away from your dog’s snout, and can double as a card table or light stand.