After a long hike—or just a long day at work—taking it easy in a hammock is a luxury you deserve. Unlike traditional hammocks that are bulky, heavy, and require expensive stands or other hanging devices, a camping hammock will stuff down to a package the size of a cantaloupe, weighs just a few pounds, and can be strung up between a couple of trees in less than two minutes. They come in one-person and two-person designs, in a rainbow’s worth of colors. Here are three things to think about when you’re dialing in on a hammock that suits your personal style.

Where to Swing


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Rocking back in a hammock gives you an awesome sense of freedom, but you’ll need a firm foundation–make that two foundations–to get started. Make sure your hammocks straps are long enough to reach for various hanging conditions. You won’t always find trees, poles, or deck supports exactly where you want them. So, look for tree straps at least 10 feet long with multiple loops for adjustment.

Materials Matter

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Camping hammocks are crazy popular, and there are a ton on the market. Make sure yours is made with a high-quality material that is light, strong, breathable, and super comfortable to the touch. A hammock made of parachute nylon checks off all the requirements. While not actually the stuff parachutes are made off—which is thinner, with a ripstop weave—parachute nylon is strong and has just enough stretch to be super comfy.

Double the Fun

There might be times when you want to snooze and swing solo, but why not invite a crowd? Camping hammocks that are designed for two people need to be wider and a bit stronger than single models. They’re also a great choice for dog owners—who wouldn’t want to kick back under the sunny blue sky with a favorite pooch? Just double-check that you and your companion are under the listed weight limit, and go slow the first time you double up in a camping hammock to figure out the best way to climb in and out.