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Eating, sleeping, or simply just hanging out on an unlevel surface can be a frustrating experience. Yet many camper trailer and RV owners have suffered through just that, whether in city “campgrounds,” or back in the boondocks. Fortunately, many manufacturers make a number of products to get your camper perfectly level, which can lead to more enjoyment of your time away from home and a better night’s sleep. Try one of these products next time you need to level your recreational vehicle.

Strong and Durable

These trailer-leveling blocks are durable and have a solid bottom to keep them from sinking into soft ground. Camco

Leveling blocks are extremely simple products that do a complicated job quite well. These are sometimes called jack pads, levelers or stacker blocks, and they’re capable of leveling your trailer very quickly with minimal work. To use them, just stack however many you need together to get the desired level, then back your tire up on them. Some fit together much like Legos, allowing you to make somewhat of a ramp with them. One especially good thing about these blocks is that their wide, flat bottoms allow them to work well even on wet, soft surfaces. Consequently, they are sometimes used as a base to rest various kinds of jacks on when using jacks to level campers and RVs.

Ends Trailer Sway

These heavy-duty stack jacks come in a four-pack for even leveling on all four corners. Dumble

A good set of stack jacks is another commonly used tool for leveling a trailer or motorhome. On stack jacks, the long bolt in the center of the jack stand is threaded. At the top of the jack is a large nut that fits into a pocket to keep it from turning. The center bolt raises and lowers by turning the long bolt with the T-handle, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Continue to turn the T-handle until you get the jack to the desired height. Then, on some models you need to screw the securing nut back down against the jack stand. Not only do stack jacks help level your camper, they also are great tools for stabilizing it. Place them under weak steps to make them sturdier and safer, or in crawl spaces to stop floor creaks and rattles. When purchasing stack jacks, know the weight of your vehicle and buy jacks that are rated for that amount of weight or more.

Remains Steady on Soft Surfaces

At only four inches tall when retracted, these scissor jacks extend to a full 24 inches high when extended. LIBRA

Scissor jacks are easy to use and do a great job at leveling in most situation. In fact, they’re the most common type of leveling jack. Scissor jacks are easy to use. A small crank is connected to the scissor jack. When turned, it turns the screw section within the jack. That, in turn, moves the two ends of the jack closer together, pushing the arms upward. When closing, simply screw it the other way, the arms spread apart and the jack flattens out for storage. You might need some kind of block or brick to put under the jacks if the ground is soft. A leveling block placed under each usually does the trick. Unfortunately, scissor jacks are fairly heavy, and you need a good place to store them in your RV. But they are great for leveling in many situations.