1. The sun doesn’t always shine.

When the weather turns bad and you can’t get out on the water, use the time to rig a new reel or sharpen the hooks on some topwater lures. These chores can be made a lot less boring when you have access to the wide-ranging programming available on DISH Outdoors. Plus, you will also have access to the latest weather flashes (including any storm advisories), which helps you figure out when you can safely launch the boat.

2. A New Take on Tailgating

Wingshooters at the end of the day often gather around the truck to case the guns and crate the dogs. Then they open the coolers and toast the day’s success. DISH Outdoors can make this celebration even more special by providing your hunting party with a wide range of sports programming, whether its NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL, or NCAA action. Now you don’t have to choose between hunting or catching the big game. That’s because DISH Outdoors complements your outdoor lifestyle; it’s not a replacement activity that competes with the great outdoors.

Three men walking with camping supplies.
Setting up DISH Outdoors is simple to install. The DISH portable satellite antennas are also rugged and easy to pack, making them perfect for an RV camp. DISH Outdoors

3. Your Own Personal Drive-In Movie Theater

After a long day on the river, retire to your camp, light the fire, fillet the fish, and enjoy a great meal. When the stars come out, you and your family can watch your favorite stars on the screen, courtesy of DISH Outdoors. Best of all, you can enjoy all the action in crystal-clear HD on a full-size TV not a tiny cell phone screen. And the OnDemand feature gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

4. Set Up is a Snap

You won’t need a personal IT guy to enjoy DISH Outdoors. DISH portable satellite antennas come with automatic signal finders that set up in minutes anywhere in the U.S. It’s easy-to-pack, rugged, and lightweight equipment, ideal for use with RVs, cabins, and campers.

An RV campsite.
When you’re done fishing for the day, use DISH Outdoors to turn on your favorite movie for the whole family to enjoy. DISH Outdoors

5. Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are

The best hunting and fishing spots often are found off the grid. Luckily, DISH Outdoors doesn’t require Wi-Fi or a cell signal. Plus, DISH offers flexible pay-as-you-go packages, so you only pay for the months you use. DISH Outdoors is made for you and your family, no matter where the Great American Outdoors takes you.

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