If we had our pick, we’re all prefer to practice social distancing in the outdoors—spending some quality alone time in the woods or on the water, hunting and fishing. But that’s simply not an option for everyone. So, if you’re staying inside or self-quarantining, you can take advantage of that time to tackle some fun hunting and fishing projects. Plus, since the kids are home from school for the foreseeable future, they can help you out. Below is a collection of our favorite outdoor projects that we’ve published over the years.

Tan a Deer Hide in Your Bathtub

A deer hide hanging in a shower.
As a bonus, the deer hide doubles as a temporary shower curtain. Travis Rathbone

If you’re stuck indoors with a deer hide taking up space in your freezer, you now have no excuse not to tan it. From the comfort of your own home—bathroom to be exact—you can make a deer skin rug. All you need is a bathtub, some hide tanning formula, and a few other household supplies—none of which include toilet paper, Lysol, or hand sanitizer so you should be able to pull this off.

Make a Knife Sheath from Buckskin

This sheath is looking sharp. Levi Brown

A sharp blade is great unless you don’t have a sheath for it. Then it’s just dangerous. Remember that deer hide you just tanned? Well, now’s the time to put it to use. With about $15 of supplies and a few hours of spare time (you should have plenty), you can turn it into a custom knife sheath.

Craft a Pitch Perfect Turkey-Call Striker

Hit just the right note with a homemade pot-call striker. Dan Saelinger

Social distancing does not include turkeys. While you’re probably trying to avoid people, you’re soon going to want to get as close as possible to a big tom. Sure, you can use the store-bought calls you already have, but since you’re probably bored, here’s a way to make your own. This project takes various junk from around your house and turns it into turkey strikers. Things like old arrow shafts, bicycle flagstaffs, or oak dowels will work, and they all produce different tones.

Create Your Own Scent-Free Deodorant

Scent-free deodorant stick.
Guaranteed to kill B.O. Luke Nilsson

With personal hygiene products flying off the shelves, it might just be a matter of time before we’re all out of deodorant. And while working at home means you don’t have to shower as often, it doesn’t mean that you don’t stink. In case of emergency, here’s a homemade scent-free deodorant recipe for when the supply chain finally breaks. It also works well for hunting. So, assuming coronavirus is gone by the fall, you’ll have a stockpile of scent blocker to pass around at deer camp.

Make a Mallard Skull Mount

A mallard duck skull.
Behold—the Jolly Mallard. Jarren Vink

Full-body bird mounts are great, but they can be expensive. Instead, here’s another way to commemorate a waterfowl hunt with a trophy. This project turns the duck head you would have thrown away into a Euro-mount. It looks cool on the wall, a call lanyard, or hanging from the mirror in your truck. You could also use it to barter for ammo and canned goods if things get rough.