This opinion piece in today’s Bismark Tribune got me thinking about a question I ponder from time to time. I realize I’m drifting into perilous waters, but the question is, is it possible to find any common ground between hunters and certain animals rights activists?
I’ve long wondered if the issue of canned hunts is a rare area where these typically opposing groups could potentially agree. And that’s the point the director of the Northern Rockies regional office for The Humane Society makes in this piece.
“Some North Dakota sportsmen might be skeptical of the Humane Society…” he says of those who oppose canned hunts, “But we applaud the North Dakota hunters who aim to put the ‘hunt’ back in hunting and the ‘wild’ back in wildlife.”
Of course, I’m by no means suggesting that all animal activists are approachable. As we all know, many are beyond reason, radical, and sometimes criminal.
But I’d like to think there’s the occasional person or group chapter here and there — as I hope we can trust opinions such as this to indicate — who are able to recognize a common cause.
Based on your own sense of animal rights activists, do you think there’s room for dialog on issues such as canned hunting, or are the differences too great? -K.H.