As deer season approaches, any serious hunter is out scouting the woods, the fields, and all the usual habitat. But considering where deer turned up during the off-season, it might be worth staking out some less obvious locations this year:

AMERICAN LANDMARKS: During rush hour on May 18, a yearling became the first animal on record to successfully cross the Golden Gate Bridge. The deer jumped a barrier on the Marin County side, darted into the southbound lanes, and galloped to San Francisco as the California Highway Patrol cleared traffic. After registering as a toll violation when it ran through the FasTrak lane–“We will be waiving that violation,” says bridge spokeswoman Mary Currie–the deer took the 19th Avenue exit and bolted into the woods.

RETIREMENT HOMES: On May 20, a deer entered the Good Shepherd nursing home in Fostoria, Ohio. It ran through hallways, passed a nurse’s station, and entered three residents’ rooms before police and fire-fighters led it outside.

HOUSES OF WORSHIP: In June, a whitetail broke through a window of the Zion United Methodist Church in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and wound up in a Sunday school room. Police captured and released it.

THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: On May 3, a yearling jumped through the front window of the Iowa Democratic Party headquarters in Des Moines. –ADAM JONES

SHOTGUN! A Texas deer, ready to roll.