Five days ago on our road trip down the Mississippi I certifiably had one of the strangest fishing experiences of my life. The entire trip we’ve been seeing large gar, but not catching any. Last thursday we decided to change that. Nate decided to inflate one of the belly boats we had and descend into Steele bayou near Vicksburg, MS directly under the highway. Strange place to fish for sure… We couldn’t help it though, as there were literally hundreds of large gar suspended directly below the surface eating anything that swam in front of them. Some we guessed as large as 80lbs, maybe up to 100. You should have seen the looks I was getting taking pictures from the bridge by passing motorists.

Problem was after watching Nate reef in gar after gar I wanted a piece of the action. Forget this photography stuff, I needed to fish. The only way besides getting in the snake and alligator infested water via belly boat was to fish from the bridge twenty feet up. Screw it, I thought I’m gonna try and hook one on my fly rod and what ever happens, happens. The first fish I hooked on a four inch bait fish pattern took me under the bridge and almost snapped my rod. Luckily he threw the fly.

I wanted more. Knowing full well that there was a solid chance I’d break my rod or get run over by a semi I continued sight casting to giant gar for the next hour, barley missing snagging cars and trucks with my backcast many times. Every time I hooked one I’d swim it to the downstream side of the bridge to my man in the belly boat and he’d release it for me. It was bizarre, but strangely addictive. Check out for more on our adventures, which is nearing it’s end.

Can anyone top that for the weirdest fish/fishing on a fly rod? If so I want to hear about it.