I know fairly little about Tasers, and even less about Taser parties, so feel free to jump in here. But a friend (actually, it was special projects editor Dave Hurteau) sent me a link to this report about such get-togethers, and it seemed very worth a discussion.
The TODAY story focused on a Phoenix-based entrepreneur named Dana Shafman, who sells TaserC2_pink International’s C2 personal protectors at what she calls ShieldHer Taser Parties. Following a kind of Tupperware party format, Shafman uses the gatherings to sell leopard-spotted or pink stun guns at about $350 a pop. Of course, the devices are being sold to women for the purpose of personal protection.
“I think it’s a more humane way to defend yourself versus choosing a knife or a gun or even a club,” Shafman reportedly said of the Taser C2.
Such devices are illegal in 7 states (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Hawaii), and condemned by Amnesty International. But Shafman points out on her website that they fit conveniently into a purse, and have no recoil.
So, where do you stand on the idea of stun guns being the ideal form of personal protection for women? And would you go to a Taser party? -K.H.