We’re declaring virtual war on the makers of stupid gizmos, that are, in our opinion, designed to sucker a few more bucks out of flyfishers. (This may, in fact, encompass about 50 percent of the flyfishing market.)

January’s stupid product of the month award goes to the Fly Line Minder … a shaped piece of metal, not much thicker than a clothes hanger, that you clip to your belt, and theoretically drape coils of line around as you fish, keeping the line clean and so forth. Nevermind the fact that your line inevitably tangles on the darn thing if you cast, say, more than three or four times an hour, or if you actually hook a fish and it runs out line. But for $12.99, the Minder also has a fish hook remover, apparently, according to this video, good for dropping fish on your lawn! Give us a break.

We’re accepting February stupid product nominations now.