We got rain and that means fresh summer steelhead on some of Oregon’s finest the Deschutes River, North Umpqua, Rogue….sure there are far more steelhead litararies to write about but these are the mainstays that bring people wide and far to partake in the greatest freshwater gamefish alive. As of last week there has been good numbers for August at the Dalles Dam on the Columbia River, 1000 to 2000 fish days. A good friend of mine and fellow industry sales rep Derek Fergus went 2 for 5 in 3 hrs on the new “FERGUS MARABOU MOAL” which if you don’t have yet contact myself. I suggest stocking the entire box with varying colors and they can be used for summer and winter steel as well as salmon. On another note the Rogue River half pounder run will be gearing up in the next few weeks down low and they are a blast on 6wts and elk hair caddis. The adult fish are around but still a little early for bang up and tell them TYLER sent you…..Goes the same for the North Umpqua this time of year..great for skaters if the water temps stay down and the heat dissipates quickly, with this mild weather covering the state in the mornings and evenings more fish will show up. October is my favorite time on this river when the fall foliage is in full bloom and the brisk morning air fills your lungs like needles from the angry school nurse..

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