Have you ever dreamed of fishing where no one has before? Perhaps where no one has for months or years? Got a some money burning a hole in your pocket? Call the boys at Angling Destinations as they are offering a program for the traveling fisherman called Destination X Angling Destinations claims they do not advertise these spots, will not let any magazine articles be published or TV shows filmed with them at these locations and GPS units are not allowed. You might not be sleeping at a swanky lodge, but I guarantee the fishing will be better than if you were. If you do agree to go on one of these trips you really never know what you’re going to get… You might be sleeping in a tent one night a live aboard the next. They ask all participants via gentleman’s agreement that there be no trip reports published good or bad, no “Angling Reports” be posted when they return and basically just keeping quiet with other people. Heck you can’t even view their destinations without proper user logins and passwords. For more information visit the link to Angling Destinations above.