No I’m not making this up. See for yourself: according to this press release from the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association, the Swiss government is going to ban the practice of catch-and-release fishing. Concurrently, regulations will outlaw the use of barbed hooks and bait. Huh?

Wait, I’m not done, this gets even nuttier. The law will outlaw fishing “with the intent to release fish.” Anglers must undergo mandatory training on the “humane” treatment of caught fish, and learn how to kill fish via a sharp blow to the head with a blunt object. Huh?

Does that include juvenile/undersized fish? Oh wait, there won’t be any left in Swiss waters to worry about. I wonder how the PETA folks will spin this.

Have you ever heard of such an absurd notion? Switzerland should stick to watches, chocolate, and guarding the Pope. I find it sadly ironic that the first war the Swiss government would declare in many years would be on fish.