Okay, let’s see how smart you folks really are. Five questions in five days. While we have answers, which we’ll print when we post the next questions, we want to hear your thoughts … This is, after all flyfishing, and few answers are ever set in stone. KD

1. Nate, who is right-handed, hurt his right shoulder three days before a planned fishing vacation. He desperately wanted go, but figured he had to learn how to cast left-handed, or else he wouldn’t be able to cast at all. He simply couldn’t lift his right hand above his shoulder. So he found himself flailing away in Central Park, trying to teach himself to cast with his left arm, frustrated. He was about to throw in the towel, when up walked his buddy, Will. Nate explained the dire circumstances. “No problem, try this,” Will said. Offering only one tip that required Nate to make only one body adjustment (and causing Nate no pain), Will had Nate throwing consistent accurate loops with his left hand (though at a shorter distance than he normally could with his dominant hand … still plenty far and accurate for catching trout on that upcoming trip). What did Will tell Nate to do and why did it work?