As with many activities, it can be easy for enthusiasm to get out of hand. Especially when there’s the potential for financial gain. Such, unfortunately, can be the case with shed hunting. In response to problems with some Wyoming area shed hunters, the state is reportedly considering a regulation to limit the practice, according to this story.
A Jackson region spokesperson for the state Fish and Game Department illustrated the enthusiasm of area shed hunters by saying that vehicles line up as many as three days before the May 1 opening of closed elk range, when it’s legal to enter for antlers.
However the article also cites a few Game and Fish reports of shed hunters taking it way too far, harassing elk and deer for their antlers.
It’s hard to argue with the state’s apparent interest in cracking down on such reprehensible, out-of-hand activities as “harassing” deer (especially right after winter). But there are also concerns about the actions of the few resulting in the over-regulation of the many. What do you think, and what’s it like in your area. -K.H.