When A.J. Kiihnl and Ben Weddington couldn’t find an outdoor magazine aimed at teens, they decided to start one themselves. Last September, the Eads, Tennessee, high school sophomores distributed their first issue of Hun Teen magazine for “The Next Generation Oudoorsman.” It’s filled with how-to articles and stories about young people hunting everything from whitetails to quail and fishing for everything from mackerel to red snapper. With article titles like “Who Ya Callin’ Turkey?” “Girls Hunt Too!!!” and “We’ve Got Braggin’ Rights,” the bimonthly is similar to “the grown-up magazines, but minus the grown-up language,” says Kiihnl. Producing it has given the 15-year-olds their fair share of adult responsibilities. They review manuscripts submitted by teenage outdoorsmen, go to trade shows, and start work-related e-mailing by 6 A.M.–before they leave for school, where they’re maintaining good grades and finishing out the football season. But Kiihnl says that spending every minute of every day together is nothing new: “We’ve been hunting and fishing together for as long as we can remember.”

With the help of Kiihnl’s father, who works in the printing business, the youths expect to have sold 55,000 subscriptions by March 2005. “Our goal is to get nationwide next year and to teach kids about hunting and fishing,” Weddington says. “Everybody is really happy for us,” he adds, “especially our English teachers.” –HEATHER J. WILSON