Three Things To Consider When Buying A Gun Cleaning Kit

If you shoot or hunt, you need to clean your gun. If you don’t want to buy your supplies separately, consider a cleaning kit that packages everything you need in one spot.

With so many gun cleaning kits available from a wide variety of manufacturers, making an educated decision on which to purchase can be difficult. There are several important factors to consider when choosing one, including what guns you own, how you plan to use the kit and even your personal preferences.

What Guns You Own

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Which gun cleaning kit you purchase relies heavily on what guns you own. Some kits are made just for handguns, some just for rifles and some for only shotguns. Others can be used to clean and maintain all three categories of firearms.

How You Plan to Use It

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If you plan to sit down at your gun table to clean your firearms, you’ll likely need a different cleaning kit than if you tend to clean things up in the field before returning to the house. Fortunately, gun cleaning kits are available ranging from large, bulky kits with many pieces and accessories to small, portable kits that are much better for field usage. The smaller kits can also be useful at home, but the large ones typically aren’t suitable for use in the field because of their bulk.

Personal Preference

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Some gun owners are perfectly happy to spend a couple of hours cleaning one firearm. In fact, the activity is therapeutic to some hard-core gun guys. Conversely, others see gun cleaning as a chore that they want to get done with as quickly as possible. If you’re among the former, a gun cleaning kit with all the bells and whistles might better fit your needs. For the latter, a simple kit might be the perfect solution.