The Things We Do For Fishing...


Some times you do really stupid and painful things, like glissading (see video below) down the backside of the Gore Range. Last weekend Jeff Rogers and I slipped, slid, fell and basically punished our bodies for a half day of fishing. For this stupidity I received a couple of stitches on my left knee, my shin is a giant scab, and my right thigh looks as if someone took a baseball bat to it. Oh, and did I mention it rained all of the first night. It takes one day to get in to this secret lake and another to get out. A bit short for a weekend.

Was it worth it? Based on the fact that we caught only four or five fish for this beating, maybe not. On the flip-side we didn't see another human being, the fish we caught were wild strong fish and most likely had never seen a fly. We mingled with mountain goats and camped at perhaps the best campsite on the planet.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger........right?