_ __After two previous hog hunts that ended without meat for the freezer, blog reader Judy Black and her husband went on a mid-February hunt in Texas. She’s thrilled to report that the third time was definitely the charm, with some nice harvests for both of them plus a friend who went along._ -K.H.


 We had a blast. From the first night hunting to the last night we were covered up in hogs. The biggest harvested was 240, taken by a friend of ours who went with us. I probably took the smallest, but that's OK.   
 Never let anyone tell you that taking a hog with a bow is an easy task. I shot at 5 and harvested one. I was really beating myself up over it as I know I shoot better than that, but they have to be hit in the right place and if you don't, they have enough fat to close off the wound and they get away. The thick brush really makes it tough to track them and the picker bushes will eat you alive.   
 We had a great time and already told the outfitter we would be back next February. Saw lots of wildlife. I had the chance to take a beautiful bobcat but let it walk. It wasn't 20 yards up the road and I regretted letting it go. Lots of javelina, cardinals and many other birds.   
 There is no better therapy than sitting in a tree or a blind listening to the world wake up -- and it's free. Wish more people took the time to appreciate what we have been given to enjoy. They are missing so much.