Ankle injuries are among the most common in sports and outdoor activities. You might consider using an ankle brace if your ankles have a distressing tendency to roll in rough terrain or during sports. While ankle support may not be the only thing needed to restore your juking ability, a brace can help with both actual support and increased confidence. Choosing an ankle brace involves more than size and style. The type of fabric or material used in construction, the degree of flexibility and support and how much adjustability you might need are all important factors to consider.

Top Pick

This offers compression for improved circulation. Sleeve Stars

Not every ankle needs the same kind of support. Some require simple stabilization, or a little extra ligament support to prevent rolling. Some simply need compression and circulation support to reduce swelling and pain. And some need to be laced up tight. Choose the ankle support with the flexibility best fitting your needs.

Great Value

The one offers sweat absorption and odor management. Amazon

The type of material used in the ankle brace will affect comfort and style options as well as sweat absorption, odor control and wash-ability.

Also Consider

Velcro straps and lacing help customize fit. Z Athletics

Does your ankle support need to be adjustable? It might depend on the activity or level of injury recovery but some circumstances call for a support with adjustable straps or laces. Some adjustable ankle braces offer options to fit your needs.