Temescu Three Dogs
Trial and Errors. Max Temescu

▶ Ten minutes before sundown, I heard what I thought was a buck of a lifetime rustling behind my treestand. I was excited and nervous as I prepared to shoot. But suddenly, out trotted a basset hound, a retriever, and a giant mutt. They spent the next several minutes barking up at me, begging me to come down and play. I tried to shoo them away, but that only encouraged them. —John Edwards

▶ I gave myself a scope cut while shooting at a nice 8-pointer. My grandfather and uncle helped me track the deer. Don’t ask me how, but we spent hours following a blood trail in a giant circle, only to realize the blood was from the cut on my forehead. —Matt Miles

▶ After I caught a monster bream, I set down my rod with the fish still hooked up and walked to my truck to get a stringer. I returned to see a blue heron flying off with the fish and my rod swinging in the air. —Timothy Hibdon

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