For all of the advancements in comfort that automobile makers have designed and put into cars and trucks since the first Model T rolled off of the assembly line, one thing that hasn’t changed very much is the steering wheel. Your audio and other electronic controls may be embedded in the wheel’s support arms, but the wheel itself seems plain and comparatively anachronistic. Henry Ford wouldn’t be very impressed.

A steering wheel cover will immediately advance your steering wheel into the 21st century, and not just because of looks alone. Not convinced? Here are three great reasons to get a steering wheel cover:

1. It gives you better control of your vehicle.

Get a grip on your steering wheel with only a very light touch by using a cover made from grippy material. SEG Direct

A steering wheel covered with a material that’s super-easy to grip means that you’ll be able to make turns and all those numerous small course corrections with ease. Instead of needing to squeeze the steering wheel to make a turn, you can do so with light pressure, reducing the chances of over- or under-steering. When on the highway, you can maneuver and change lanes quickly and accurately.

2. It greatly reduces hand fatigue.

There’s nothing like a thick leather steering wheel cover to prevent hand-cramping on long drives. Valleycomfy

Because a steering wheel cover allows you to grasp and turn the wheel easily, you don’t need to maintain a lot of hand pressure on it to control to vehicle as you drive and make turns. That’s especially important on long drives, when cramping can set in. A thick steering wheel cover is especially helpful for people who have arthritis, tendinitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, because the resulting larger-diameter wheel is easier to hold and turn.

3. It’s warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Ahhh…a cloth steering wheel cover means no more frozen fingers in winter or scalded skin in summer. Valleycomfy

Sure, you can wear gloves in cold weather, but if they don’t have textured fingers and palms, your hand will slide all over the steering wheel, meaning you have to grip it tighter, which can be a struggle. In hot weather, and especially when the sun heats the car interior through closed windows, a steering wheel can get too hot to touch, or at least uncomfortable to handle. That’s dangerous. A cloth steering wheel cover is comfortable to use in both cold and hot weather, and also enhances your steering control.