If storage space and weight are a consideration when choosing water jugs for use backpacking, in camp, or in your RV, collapsible jugs are the way to go. They fold into almost any shape and can easily be shoved into odd knocks and crannies in your pack or camp equipment box.

Before you make a purchase, think about how much capacity you’ll need. Are you going to use it as your water bottle while backpacking or do you simply need a handy way to haul or dispense water in camp? Naturally, look for models that are food approved and BPA-free. Once you’ve made those choices, here some styles you’ll want to consider.


Reliance Products

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Our Scout troop has used 5-gallon collapsible jugs like this for years. They’re inexpensive and easy to stow when you have a lot of gear to fit in the trunk. The leak-proof spout is perfect for watering down a thirsty mob in camp, too.



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If you’re looking for a collapsible jug that is just a tad more rugged, there are lots of options available. Soft handles that are molded in are a nice feature. When you get a hurricane, tornado or forest fire alert, these are great jugs to reach for to ensure you have enough H2O stored for your family and pets.



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Look for models that feature a gasket design in the spigot so you won’t have to worry about leaks or having to replace any parts down the road.