For many outdoorsmen, if their butt gets cold, the rest of their body gets cold soon afterward. A good pair of windproof pants can ensure you don’t fall prey to that malady, making your outdoor adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. To make a good selection when shopping for windproof pants, ask yourself three questions—what activities you will be doing when wearing the pants, what the temperature will be and whether or not you need waterproofing, too.

What Will You Be Doing?

These windproof pants are made for cycling, running, hiking and other outdoor activities. Amazon

The reason there is such a wide variety of different types of windproof pants on the market is because there are so many outdoor activities that such pants can make more enjoyable. To make the right choice, consider what activity you will be doing most of the time. Whether fishing, hunting, hiking, snow skiing, camping or just lounging around at the lake, a brisk wind can make a cool day seem downright cold. If you’ll be doing an athletic activity like hiking, look for pants that allow lots of range of movement. If you’ll be working around the farm, you might want to find a pair with plenty of pockets to carry tools and other gear. If participating in a 3-Gun contest, the best pants for you might have a durable outside shell that not only stops the wind, but also holds up to lots of abuse.

Do You Need Waterproof Too?

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This question is important because if you answer it incorrectly, you might end up being miserable all day—and maybe all night. If your activity is for sure going to be in dry conditions, windproof pants without waterproofing properties will likely be just fine for you. If not, look for pants that are both windproof and waterproof. Whether you choose pants that have a soft outer shell with a waterproof lining or those with a hard, waterproof outer shell, you’ll be glad you have the extra protection if the weather gets wet and they keep you both dry and warm.

What Will The Temperature Be?

These heavy-duty windproof pants might be a good choice for wearing outside on a cold and windy (but dry) day. Amazon

This is another important consideration. In very warm weather, the lightest, thinnest windproof pants you can find will serve you best. Heavier pants will make you sweat, and that’s never comfortable. In cooler weather, a little heavier pair of windproof pants will better fit your needs. For outdoor winter activities that have the potential to be extremely cold, windy and wet, a pair of pants with adequate insulation to keep you warm even on the coldest days will be much appreciated.