A good space heater will help keep you warm when the weather around you isn’t. Whether you need to warm up your dairy barn for milking time or just want to raise the temperature a few degrees in your bedroom on a frigid January evening, there’s a space heater that will fit your needs. The problem is figuring out which one is the right one for you. To make a good selection when shopping for a space heater, ask yourself three important questions—how much space you need to heat, what power source you prefer, and what features you need in your space heater.

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This device has three quiet settings and an adjustable thermostat. Lasko

If your feet get a little cold at the office, a space heater placed under your desk might be the perfect tool for keeping you toasty while you work. Likewise, if you are freezing while cleaning a large warehouse in winter, you would also benefit from a space heater. Obviously, the space heater you need in the former situation is a lot different than the one you would need in the latter. The size of the space you intend to heat is one of the most important factors in choosing a space heater. Big spaces take a more powerful heater. Advertisements for most heaters will tell you the amount of space the heater is designed to heat efficiently. Find that information and choose accordingly.

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This large unit runs on natural gas and can heat up to 850 square feet. Amazon

Space heaters can run on a variety of power sources. Most small and mid-sized space heaters are powered by electricity, and most are designed for indoor use. Some heaters operate using propane, so a propane bottle is needed. Other heaters are powered by natural gas and can be hooked into your home’s natural gas supply. Gas heaters are not made for use inside the home, although most have essential safety features to make them appropriate for use in barns and warehouses. If you’re looking for a small personal space heater, electric is the way to go. But if you want to heat very large areas efficiently, gas is the better bet.

Energy Efficient

This petite model has automatic overheat shutoff and a tip-over switch. Amazon

Big or small, gas or electric, the space heater you choose needs to be safe above all else. Fortunately, most feature a wide range of accident-proof features. Accidental tip-over shutoff is one of the most important, as a space heater lying on its side or face can easily start a fire. Other features to look for are automatic overheat systems and power indicator lights so you’ll know at a glance whether the unit is on or off. Regardless of what space heater you use, picking the right location for it is a critical consideration. Whether your space heater is large or small, be sure it is placed on a hard, level surface with plenty of clearance between it and furniture, walls, and other objects.