They work as makeshift restrooms for campers, places to change into and out of bathing suits for swimmers, and dressing rooms for models being photographed on location. Plant aficionados use them as growing rooms and protection for plants sensitive to cold. Some work as outdoor shower stalls. Many literally pop open, so there’s not a lot of prep work necessary to set one up, and fold down into a flat package you can carry with one hand. Most have stake loops and sandbag flaps so that you can anchor the privacy tent to both soft and hard ground.

With so many ways and places to use a privacy tent, it’s no wonder that these easy-to-erect shelters have become so popular. Many are advertised as being multi-functional, but not all tents have the same features. Some tent models are much better suited for certain applications than others. Here’s a guide to matching the features of privacy tents to three common uses, without paying for features you don’t need:

Great Value

This one comes with four stakes to increase stability. Amazon

If you’re camping and simply need something to put around a portable toilet, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on a tall or wide privacy tent. It’s wise to get a privacy tent with a solid roof so that you can keep the facilities dry the entire time you’re camping, and keep bugs away.

Top Pick

Built-in pockets for toilet paper and magazines mean you may never want to come out! Amazon

Assuming that you’re going to be on the beach in warm weather, it’s best to go with a privacy tent that has a mesh roof so it won’t bake in the sun and get overly hot inside. And you’ll need one that’s wide enough for people to move around as they get into and out of their bathing suits. Keep in mind, though, that you may need long stakes in order to keep the privacy tent securely anchored in the sand, especially in windy locations.

Luxury Model

Integrated sandbags help stop this baby from blowing away. Amazon

Here you’ll need a privacy tent with a mesh top covered with a rain fly. Such a roof will keep rain and bugs out, but allow the humidity to disperse. And it has to be wide enough for people to bend down as they shower. Also look for a privacy tent with a dedicated shower opening, so you can run the water tube through the top without cutting a hole in the tent.