Three Reasons to Get a Towing Hitch Lock

Towing hitch locks offer cheap insurance to protect your trailer.

Protect your trailer with a hitch lock
A hitch lock keeps your valuable trailer secure if you have to leave it unattended.Andrew Hunt/Unsplash

Don’t be that guy walking out of WalMart to an empty space behind your truck where your bass boat used to be. For under $25 you can buy peace of mind and for a few bucks more get a variety of locks the manufacturers say are 100% theft-proof. With the investment you’ve made in your trailer, plus whatever you’re carrying on it, it just makes sense to secure it. Given the low cost, ease of installation and adaptability of the various lock models, it borders on the foolish to leave your trailer unlocked.

1: Towing hitch locks are inexpensive insurance.

Master Lock - Universal Size

A Color That Pops

This model fits most coupler sizes.Master Lock

For under $25 you can secure your valuable trailer, either when parked and stored on its own or connected to your tow vehicle. Most of these models prevent the coupler from being used.

2: Towing hitch locks are easy to use.

Master Lock 2866DAT

Corrosion Resistant

This convenient model includes a cover to protect it from the elements.Master Lock

Customer reviews mostly confirm that manufacturers’ claims about ease of installation and use are accurate. Depending on the hitch model you’ll want to make sure its sized properly for your needs. If used in salty or rough conditions it helps to use some simple preventive maintenance (regular use of WD-40, for example).

3: Towing hitch locks are available for most applications.

AMPLOCK U-TLS2 Trailer Lock

Sturdy Construction

Though more expensive, this one is virtually bomb-proof.AMPLOCK

Some locks are designed to secure the receiver hitch to the vehicle, and some secure the trailer coupler to the ball, preventing its use in towing the trailer away. In addition, a security-conscious owner might also opt for a wheel boot similar to what police agencies use to prevent a vehicle from moving. There are a variety of designs and configurations to meet standard Class I-V towing hitches and vehicle styles.