Why You Need A Portable Charger

A charge whenever you need it.

We head out to the woods or to the water to get away, but unfortunately, that usually doesn’t mean we can completely get off-grid. Our responsibilities often dictate that we must have a way to get in touch with our loved ones or jobs, which means having a way to recharge communication devices in the field so we can continue to wander longer, without the need to rejoin the grid for power. Here are a few things you might want to think about if you’re hoping to extend your smartphone’s alive time.

Off-Grid Lifeline

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Lightweight, inexpensive, and all you need to make sure your phone doesn’t die when you need it most. Anker

In the backcountry, satellite phones provide a vital lifeline to the rest of the world and let you signal in an emergency or schedule a float plane pick-up. Weather radios provide warning of impending storms, but only if they’re charged. The further you move away from civilization, the more you’ll have to recharge electronic devices—without the aid of the grid. A battery bank provides enough power to recharge a number of devices over a number of days, without adding a lot of weight to your pack.

Keeping Your Phone Charged

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Whether you’re trying to call or waiting for a call, you might be in for a long wait, which is why backup juice is so critical. Anker

The best way to ensure your phone still has a charge when you need it is to leave it off. But if you’re waiting for a faint call from a weak signal and aren’t even close to a power outlet, you don’t have that luxury. Constantly searching for service eats up battery life rather quickly, so being prepared with a backup power source just makes sense.

We All Love Photos

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Backup means you won’t have to sacrifice those memorable photo ops that always seem to appear when your smartphone is slowly dying. INIU

Hopefully, you remembered to charge your camera before each trip. But if you’re like me, you won’t take it out of your blind bag or fishing vest until the season is over. Keeping a battery bank handy means you’ll always be able to commemorate that incredible hunt or once in a lifetime fish.