Three Things To Consider Before Buying a Griddle for Camping

The right portable outdoor griddle for you depends on how many people you plan to cook for and what kind of food do you like to cook.

One of the best parts of leading a camping trip is getting to cook everyone’s breakfast outside. A griddle is a great tool to bring on these trips, especially on ones where you’re camping out near your truck. Griddles makes both cooking and cleanup faster and easier. They also let you cook more food at one time than small pots or pans, which means faster hot breakfasts for cold and hungry campers.

A griddle itself is a pretty simple thing, but they come in different types and sizes that work better in different situations. Here are three types to match to the way you like to camp.

Keep It Cheap

Start With The Basics

Sometimes simple and cheap is the best way to get the job done. Amazon

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A cheap basic griddle designed to sit on top of a 2-burner propane camping stove is a simple and effective tool for cooking bacon, eggs, and pancakes. While these are too heavy for backpacking uses, they’re great equipment to keep stored in the cooking kit you use for car camping.

Consider A Two Burner

Restaurant Grade Surface

This one distributes heat evenly across a wider cooking surface, meaning you can cook more food more perfectly at once. Amazon

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You should get a two burner tabletop griddle to augment your standard camping stove if you plan to prepare bigger family meals on your tailgate. These don’t pack down quite as nicely as your standard camping stoves, but if you can find the room they are worth the space, because bringing one in addition to your regular stove will let you cook multiple pots and grill meat at the same time.

More Burners

Meals On Wheels

Bring a portable cooking station on your next camping trip and you can sling your family eggs like a line cook. They might buy you an apron. Amazon

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A four-burner griddle station is a good option if you’re hosting a big party outdoors or setting up a semi-permanent campsite. These big griddles break down quickly for easy transport but when set up can deliver a steady stream of hot food to a lot of hungry guests.