Buckets. There isn’t a household in America that doesn’t own one. And, in the case of homes where sportsmen live, probably several. We use them to haul saltwater tackle to the pier, dove and duck loads to the field, soap and water out back to wash our trucks, and a thousand other chores. But what makes one kind of bucket better than another? Here are three things that separate good buckets from great buckets!

Plastic Performs

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Solid design and strength make quality 5-gallon plastic buckets a great choice for almost any task. Many come with lids for storing liquids or simply keeping gear or tools dry in a boat or in the back of a truck, and they’ll never rust or corrode.

Go Galvanized


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Nothing can chew through a galvanized bucket, so they’re a perfect choice if you need something that’s rodent proof. They also double nicely on the patio for icing down beer and soft drinks, and you can fill them with sand for burning citronella candles in the evenings when the bugs come out. Heck, they even make a nice centerpiece on the table when filled with flowers from the garden.

Round or Rectangle?


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If you’re working with floor mops or doing a lot of windows where squeegees are required, a rectangular design makes quick dunks a lot easier. Ergonomic handles make hauling full bucket loads a lot easier on the hands and the rectangular design is less tippy.