Nothing says wilderness hunting camp better than a large canvas wall tent with a stove pipe drifting smoke out of it. There’s a reason it seems like every outfitter has a picture of one on their brochure! The tent camping wood stove is a surprisingly versatile option for heating smaller spaces, from work sheds to deer blinds to ice-fishing shanties. Some are even useful for cooking! Keep three things in mind when choosing the one that works best for you.

1: Durability and Weight


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A stove’s durability is closely related to its weight. Wood stoves made of heavy rolled or stainless steel weigh more than those made of thinner galvanized metal, and will last much longer, as will those made of two layers of the thinner sheet metal. They’ll cost more as well, but you should more than make it up with the additional years of use.

2: Portability

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The weight of a stove will, of course, affect its portability. But there are other design factors that affect how easily the wood stove might be packed, whether by vehicle, horse or shanks’ mare. Some models disassemble and fit neatly inside the stove box. Some models are designed to collapse. Often the trade-off is portability for durability, but there are some well-designed and relatively portable models that also rank high in durability.

3: Versatility

Most camping tent wood stoves can also be used in a wide variety of other locations, like ice shanties, tiny houses or even as back-up emergency heat for your home. But can you cook on them? While prepping a 5 course meal is probably not in the cards, and you do want to avoid a tropical steam room inside your tent, the ability to make coffee, heat up some stew or cook bacon and eggs is a bonus.