Three Things To Consider When Buying A Hunter Orange Hat

Hunter orange hats are the best tool around to keep hunters of all kinds safe while in the forest and field.

How many times have you sat in your deerstand and caught some movement out of the corner of your eye? You turned your head and didn’t even need your binoculars to see a hunter orange hat bobbing along several hundred yards out, right where you had hoped to see a buck. Fact is, hunting has been safer ever since fluorescent hats came on the scene back in the 1970s. But all hunter orange hats are not created equal. To make a good selection, you should consider three important factors—weather, the sun factor and comfort.

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Most hunters will need more than one hunter orange hat, and weather is the main reason why. The only thing more miserable than having a warm-weather hat when it’s too cold is having a cold-weather hat when it’s too warm. Throw a little moisture into the equation in the form of rain, sleet or snow, and misery can soon follow if you’re not outfitted correctly in the headwear department. Light, billed hats are typically the best warm-weather wear. If rain is a possibility, some light models are also waterproof. Acrylic sock-type hats are good for very cold weather because they hold your head’s warmth in while keeping the cold out. Fleece beanies are also great for cold weather, and tend to dry out quickly when they get wet.

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If you haven’t missed out on a buck because the sun got in your eyes when you were trying to get ready for the shot, you haven’t been hunting long. Same for if you haven’t suffered in the stand because the errant weatherman called for a cloudy day so you left your billed hat at home. Fact is, in very sunny weather, regardless of your quarry, you need a hat with a bill to help keep the sun out of your eyes. Even with sunglasses, a billed hat makes seeing game animals easier. If you’re sure it’s going to be cloudy, a sock hat or beanie will get the job done. But be sure and have an adjustable billed hat in your pack so if the sun comes out you can put it on over your sock hat or beanie.

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If your hat is uncomfortable, you’re less likely to wear it. In the case of hunter orange hats, in some areas the law dictates that you must have it on while hunting. The result is either heading in early or hunting with a hat on your head that gets more uncomfortable by the minute. For billed hats, adjustable ones are the best bet where comfort is concerned. A fitted hat might feel good one day, then too tight the next. Sock-type hats and beanies can also have their comfort issues as some people feel like they squeeze their head too hard. In the end, find one that feels good and you’ll stay afield longer. And more time afield usually equates to more game in the bag.