Barometric pressure affects how well fish bite and deer move, and those two factors are instrumental in your hunting and fishing success. Also known as atmospheric pressure, barometric pressure refers to the amount of air pressure exerted by air molecules against the earth’s surface. Combining the force of gravity with literally miles of air molecules equals approximately 14.7 pounds per square inch of pressure at sea level. While the barometric pressure is important to hunting success, what’s more critical is whether the pressure is rising or falling. To know that, you’ll need a good barometer that you can trust. Here are three types of barometers to consider for hunting and fishing purposes.

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Analog barometers are the simplest kind and are remarkably accurate. Most can be adjusted for your elevation and have two hands—one showing the pressure and another set earlier that will indicate whether the pressure is rising or falling. Not too many years ago, analog was the only type of barometer available, but even with newer technology, analog barometers still hold their share of the marketplace. Unless you can hang them near enough to a door or window that you can read the face from there, however, you’ll have to go outside to check the pressure. For some who prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer, that can be a deal-breaker.

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Some manufacturers offer handheld barometers, which are especially useful if you’ll be traveling a long distance from your home barometer to fish or hunt. These are typically very light and made with a plastic housing to protect them from the elements. There are even handheld models that can tell the pressure, whether its rising or falling, temperature, humidity and other weather conditions in a compact, light unit. Many have a lanyard so you can sling them over your neck and forget them until you need them again. If you want a barometer that can go with you where you go, handheld units are your best choice.

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While barometric pressure, along with its upward or downward trends, are critical to hunting and fishing success, other weather conditions also have an impact. If you’re interested in knowing more than just the barometric pressure, a versatile indoor/outdoor weather station might be the perfect choice for you. Many feature an atomic clock and give you barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, even the day and date. Another good feature of these weather stations comes from the fact that the sensor unit is placed outside, but the monitor displaying the conditions is mounted inside your house. That way you can get all of the weather information you need without having to step outside.